Ten groups of students have participated in the project in the last ten years. We invited those participating from the Schreyer College to write their honors theses on topics related to the Philadelphia project. We have in the past selected about eight students in their junior or sophomore year and worked with each of them until their projects are done. In the spring you are expected to enroll in a three-credit course titled, Geog 493: Philadelphia Field Project. In the summer the selected students will spend a four-week period in residence in West Philadelphia. The summer component runs from mid-May to mid-June. In the fall there is a one-credit writing-intensive follow-up course that will report on the summer experience. Despite the sponsorship provided by the Geography Department, the idea is that each student will continue to work closely with project (or thesis) advisors from their respective departments. It is also our hope that the projects will reflect the substantive knowledge of the subjects in which the students are majoring.

The 3 credit meeting in the Spring of 2010 will consist of the following activities: weekly class, a weekend field trip to Philadelphia in the last weekend of March, and a set of on-line readings of about 15 articles.

1. Training in the practical application of statistical methods and census data.

2. An opportunity to participate in a community field experience, facilitating their entry into job markets and graduate study immediately upon graduation.
3. A formal structure to pace the research and writing of their theses.
4. An opportunity to publish a paper in a professional interdisciplinary journal.
5. A learning community of students from a variety of disciplines.
6. An opportunity to combine learning with community service and to engage in social change by using their academic skills.
7. An opportunity to live and work in a safe inner city community.

1.Students must complete the online aplication by OCTOBER 29, 2009 and be offered admission into the Project.

2. Students must have at least one more semester left of course work at Penn State after summer 2010.

3. Students must be available to participate in all components of the course for a total of four credits in the spring, summer, and fall of 2010. There will be a weekly meeting during the Spring (Tuesdays from  4:15 to 5:30) and a weekend field trip to prepare for your summer field work. In the fall these weekly meetings will continue to aid in the completion of your projects (time TBA). The project also includes a five week stay in Philadelphia from May to June (date TBA). 

1. Tuition for 4 credits of GEOG 493. 3 credits scheduled in Spring 2010 and one credit scheduled in Fall 2010.

2. A stipend for food for thirty days will be given by the program
3. Miscellaneous research costs
4. Lodging in Philadelphia and transportation to and from Philadelphia will be provided by the program.

In the past several participants have used the research in Philadelphia for writing their honors thesis

Lakshman Yapa
Department of Geography
Penn State University
865-1187 or 865-3433


Vanessa A. Massaro
House Manager
Philadelphia Field Project
The Pennsylvania State University

October 29, 2009